January 22, 2020

An Intimate Wedding at the Franciscan Monastery // Washington, DC.

Lin and Ivo’s wedding was a fun one. They’re both pretty adventurous souls (which I can really appreciate). Lin was actually in Alaska the same time that I was in 2018! She was volunteering with students and I was in a van with a friend – I think we missed each other by a hundred miles. Aside from adventure, they both like to laugh a lot. What I remember most of the time I spent with them during portraits was just how fun and goofy they were together. Whether it was the little inside jokes in the vows, or whispers in the ears – there was laughter, tears, and most importantly joy. 

In what felt like the heart of Washington, DC (to an outsider like me), was the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land. It was a perfect backdrop for their wedding. The small and intimate ceremony site made me forget that we were even in DC. The reception hall was elegant and spacious with room to dance. The live band was wonderful, and the spicy mexican ice cream was delicious.

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