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The truth is we’re all telling a story every day.

 We all live out our stories in different ways. For some it’s as simple as quality time spent with loved ones, and reminiscing on past memories. For others it might be starting new adventures with friends or a partner. The truth is we’re all telling a story every day. In life we go through pain and frustration at times. But without those, we wouldn’t have the understanding of what triumph and joy is. We wouldn’t know just how sweet a victory is if we haven’t suffered a little bit getting there. These milestones in life are the ones that are worth celebrating and documenting. These are the moments where all your friends are surrounding you screaming “Hell Yeah!” - in support of who you are. 

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We were so blessed to have Gabe capture our wedding. I have met few people like Gabe in my life. He genuinely cares about people and he went above and beyond during our wedding day. He is very skilled at his craft and blew us away with the quality of his photos. If you are looking for a photographer who really captures your story and cares more about you as a person than just doing a job don't look any further!

—Joe + Joylie—

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