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The truth is we’re all telling a story every day.

We are all here for you. All your family, your friends and I (yes, me too!) are here to honor you on your wedding day! As excited as I am to get to the dance floor with you guys, I know a lot of planning goes into making your day special. As your photographer, I’ve been to a few weddings and am just a call or text away from any insight you might want. I approach every wedding with the same mentality, how can I tell the story of today in the most real way possible? I’ve found the best way to do that is to just be me. I allow myself to be present and listen to the stories unfold throughout the day. 

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We were so blessed to have Gabe capture our wedding. I have met few people like Gabe in my life. He genuinely cares about people and he went above and beyond during our wedding day. He is very skilled at his craft and blew us away with the quality of his photos. If you are looking for a photographer who really captures your story and cares more about you as a person than just doing a job don't look any further!

—Joe + Joylie—

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