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The truth is we’re all telling a story every day.

We are all here for you. All your family, your friends and I (yes, me too!) are here to honor you on your wedding day! As excited as I am to get to the dance floor with you guys, I know a lot of planning goes into making your day special. As your photographer, I’ve been to a few weddings and am just a call or text away from any insight you might want. I approach every wedding with the same mentality, how can I tell the story of today in the most real way possible? I’ve found the best way to do that is to just be me. I allow myself to be present and listen to the stories unfold throughout the day. 

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“It's so difficult to put into words how much these photos mean to us. To be honest, I was a little down weeks after the wedding reflecting how fast everything went by and how I wish I could re-do so I could feel everything all over again. These photos let us do just that and let us reflect so positively on what a beautiful and loving day it was! Gabe did way more than just take photos of our wedding,  he captured raw emotion, emotion that we'll be able to re-feel every time we look through these.”

—Ashley + Jessie—

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