January 22, 2020

Timeless Lakefield Wedding // Manheim, PA

Hannah and Aaron. Wow, where to begin. I don’t really feel responsible for them getting married – but they both say that I’m the reason they’re together, and now married. Hannah was working part-time at Hingework (a coworking space that I work out of), and Aaron had just moved to the area and was connecting with other photographers in the area. Hannah tells me that she was not interested in talking to Aaron at all. She was focused on work and was quite short with her answers whenever he asked her something (from what I recall – I could be wrong). Aaron had just moved to Lancaster maybe a week prior to him showing up at Hingework. It was in 2017, and that was the year that I was interviewing and talking with strangers. At the time, I figured it would be easy to chat with this new guy, and since he was a photographer too, he would appreciate what I was doing! Aaron shared his story about traveling from Florida to Portland to live and study coffee. Somehow he found his way to Lancaster and though he wasn’t sure how long he would stay here. That was about all that our conversation was – I snapped a picture and shared it to my Instagram later that night. Hannah decided to creep on him, and I guess she slid into his DM’s somehow. They started dating, and then they were married 🙂 

Towards the beginning of 2019, I got to know Aaron a good bit better when we shared a men’s Bible study. When I think of Aaron, a few of these words come to mind. Bold, thoughtful, traditional and Intentional. A lot of those come from how he composes himself when he’s talking to you. He doesn’t always like to talk about the superficial stuff, he’d rather get to the heart. That’s something that I can really appreciate. It all boils down to Aaron just being a really good dude. 

So when I was getting ready for Aaron and Hannah’s wedding, I knew that I wanted to shoot a few rolls of film alongside digital. I shot half of a roll of Portra 400, and maybe 5-6 rolls of Tri-x 400 black and white. These are some of my favorites. 

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