January 13, 2022

2021: A Year in Review

What a year….

I think that I’m going to find it pretty challenging to describe what 2021 was like for me. It was one of the most beautiful years of photography for me to date. Like the past few years, I relished every moment with my couples and all of their friends and families. While 2020 was fairly hectic, 2021 allowed some space for brides and grooms to see all of their people once again under one roof. It was incredibly special. It was also the hardest wedding season of the past five years. It wasn’t even the volume that took such a heavy toll on my body. It was the mental and emotional toll it took on me. 

2021 was the year that I thought I would wake up on a Friday or Sunday and forget that I had a wedding scheduled that day. There were several triple header weekends where I would freak out Friday morning wondering if I had a second shooter booked for the Saturday and Sunday weddings, or if I even needed one. There was a massive sigh of relief when mid December hit and I realized that I didn’t have any more weddings to shoot for the year, and that I couldn’t possibly miss anything else. 

When I look at the numbers, I photographed somewhere between 35 and 40 weddings for the year. I don’t have an exact number because there were a few associate and  second shooting jobs that I just didn’t mark on my spreadsheet and I can’t mentally go back and count. It’s crazy how much of the year just flew back. As I went through my catalogs to pick some photos that I love, I would say to myself “wait, their wedding was THIS year?!” It truly was a blur of a year. 

Three weddings in California, one in Miami, and a few dozen in the Central PA, and New Jersey area. It sincerely was a year for the books. It was pretty tough trying to figure out which images I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the last year. I sprinkled in a few film photos that I’m also quite proud of. And I included one moment from a wedding a week ago – which basically feels like it belonged to the 2021 season! Ha! 

Anyways, thank you for following along at what was an incredible year for me and all of the couples that invited me into their lives. I am forever grateful.

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