January 21, 2020

Dreamy Backyard Wedding // Lancaster, PA

I guess I’ve known Josh for about 5 years at this point – something along those lines. We’ve traveled to Iceland together (twice!), and shared many meals together among our friends. I don’t know how long Josh knew Anna before they started dating, but it was quite a few years. He’s been working for her brothers for as long as I’ve known him. When I first talked to them about their plans for their wedding, I was pretty excited. I knew that it would be so down to earth, true to them and filled with laughter. They told me that they had been saving up sweaters from Goodwill to give as gifts to guests – which is probably the most Josh Horning thing he could have done. They ended up being the perfect gifts because, by the end of that chilly October night, everyone had one on. I think I still have mine in my car!

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